Zip Codes in the state of Wyoming

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Wyoming, Equality State, WY; a state in the western United States; mountainous in the west and north with the Great Plains in the east

The State of Wyoming is a sparsely populated state in the northwestern region of the United States. The majority of the state is dominated by the mountain ranges and rangelands of the Rocky Mountain West, while the easternmost section of the state is a high altitude prairie region known as the High Plains. While the tenth largest U.S. state by size, Wyoming is the least populous, with a U.S. Census estimated population of 522,830 in 2007, a 5.9% increase since 2000. The capital and the most populous city of Wyoming is Cheyenne.

1Afton, WY83110
2Albany, WY82070
3Albin, WY82050
4Alcova, WY82620
5Alpine, WY83128
6Alpine Northeast, WY83128
7Alpine Northwest, WY83128
8Alta, WY83414
9Antelope Hills, WY82601
10Antelope Valley-Crestview, WY82718
11Arapahoe, WY82501 · 82510
12Arlington, WY82083
13Arrowhead Springs, WY82901
14Arvada, WY82831
15Atlantic City, WY82520
16Auburn, WY83111
17Baggs, WY82321
18Bairoil, WY82322
19Bar Nunn, WY82601
20Basin, WY82410
21Bear River, WY82930
22Bedford, WY83112 · 83127
23Bessemer Bend, WY82604
24Beulah, WY82712
25Big Horn, WY82801
26Big Piney, WY83113
27Bondurant, WY82922
28Boulder, WY82923
29Boulder Flats, WY82514 · 82520
30Brookhurst, WY82636
31Buffalo, WY82834
32Burlington, WY82411
33Burns, WY82053
34Byron, WY82412 · 82431
35Carpenter, WY82054
36Carter, WY82937
37Casper, WY82601 · 82604 · 82609 · 82636
38Casper Mountain, WY82601
39Centennial, WY82055
40Cheyenne, WY82001 · 82007 · 82009
41Chugcreek, WY82201
42Chugwater, WY82210
43Clearmont, WY82835
44Clearview Acres, WY82901
45Cody, WY82414
46Cokeville, WY83114
47Cora, WY82925 · 82941
48Cowley, WY82420
49Crowheart, WY82512
50Daniel, WY83115
51Dayton, WY82836
52Deaver, WY82421
53Diamondville, WY83101 · 83116
54Dixon, WY82323
55Douglas, WY82633
56Dubois, WY82513
57East Thermopolis, WY82443
58Eden, WY82932
59Edgerton, WY82635
60Elk Mountain, WY82324
61Encampment, WY82325
62Esterbrook, WY82633
63Ethete, WY82510 · 82514 · 82516 · 82520
64Etna, WY83118
65Evanston, WY82930
66Evansville, WY82601 · 82609 · 82636
67Fairview, WY83110 · 83119
68Farson, WY82932
69Fontenelle, WY83101
70Fort Bridger, WY82933
71Fort Laramie, WY82212
72Fort Washakie, WY82514 · 82520
73Fox Farm-College, WY82001 · 82007
74Fox Park, WY82070
75Frannie, WY82421 · 82423
76Freedom, WY83118 · 83120
77Garland, WY82435
78Gillette, WY82716 · 82718
79Glendo, WY82213
80Glenrock, WY82637
81Granger, WY82934
82Green River, WY82935
83Greybull, WY82426
84Grover, WY83122
85Guernsey, WY82214
86Hanna, WY82327
87Hartrandt, WY82601
88Hartville, WY82215
89Hawk Springs, WY82217 · 82244
90Hill View Heights, WY82701
91Hillsdale, WY82060
92Hoback, WY83001
93Homa Hills, WY82601
94Hudson, WY82515 · 82520
95Hulett, WY82720
96Huntley, WY82240
97Hyattville, WY82428
98Jackson, WY83001
99James Town, WY82935
100Jeffrey City, WY82520
101Johnstown, WY82501 · 82516
102Kaycee, WY82639
103Kelly, WY83011
104Kemmerer, WY83101 · 83116 · 83121
105Kirby, WY82430 · 82443
106La Barge, WY83123
107La Grange, WY82221
108Lakeview North, WY82201
109Lance Creek, WY82222 · 82224 · 82225
110Lander, WY82520
111Laramie, WY82070 · 82072
112Lingle, WY82223
113Little America, WY82929
114Lonetree, WY82936
115Lost Springs, WY82229
116Lovell, WY82431
117Lucerne, WY82443
118Lusk, WY82225
119Lyman, WY82937
120Mammoth, WY82190
121Manderson, WY82432
122Manville, WY82227
123Marbleton, WY83113
124McKinnon, WY82938
125Meadow Acres, WY82636
126Medicine Bow, WY82329
127Meeteetse, WY82433
128Midwest, WY82643
129Mills, WY82601 · 82604 · 82644
130Moorcroft, WY82721
131Moose Wilson Road, WY83014
132Mountain View, WY82604
133Mountain View, WY82939
134Newcastle, WY82701
135Nordic, WY83118 · 83128
136North Rock Springs, WY82901
137Oakley, WY83101
138Opal, WY83124
139Orin, WY82633
140Osage, WY82723
141Osmond, WY83110
142Owl Creek, WY82443
143Parkman, WY82838 · 82839
144Pavillion, WY82523
145Pine Bluffs, WY82082
146Pine Haven, WY82721
147Pinedale, WY82941
148Powder River, WY82604 · 82648
149Powell, WY82435
150Purple Sage, WY82901
151Rafter J Ranch, WY83001
152Ralston, WY82435 · 82440
153Ranchester, WY82839
154Ranchettes, WY82009
155Rawlins, WY82301 · 82334
156Red Butte, WY82604
157Reliance, WY82901 · 82943
158Riverside, WY82325
159Riverton, WY82501
160Robertson, WY82944
161Rock River, WY82083
162Rock Springs, WY82901
163Rolling Hills, WY82637
164Ryan Park, WY82331
165Saratoga, WY82331
166Shell, WY82441
167Sheridan, WY82801
168Shoshoni, WY82501 · 82649
169Sinclair, WY82301 · 82334
170Slater, WY82201 · 82210
171Sleepy Hollow, WY82718
172Smoot, WY83110 · 83126
173South Greeley, WY82007
174South Park, WY83001
175Star Valley Ranch, WY83127
176Story, WY82832 · 82842
177Sundance, WY82729
178Superior, WY82945
179Table Rock, WY82901
180Taylor, WY83114
181Ten Sleep, WY82442
182Teton Village, WY83014 · 83025
183Thayne, WY83127
184Thermopolis, WY82443
185Torrington, WY82240
186Turnerville, WY83112
187Upton, WY82730
188Urie, WY82937
189Van Tassell, WY82242
190Veteran, WY82243
191Vista West, WY82604
192Wamsutter, WY82336
193Warren AFB, WY82001 · 82005
194Washam, WY82938
195Westview Circle, WY82201
196Wheatland, WY82201
197Whiting, WY82201
198Wilson, WY83014
199Woods Landing-Jelm, WY82063 · 82070
200Worland, WY82401
201Wright, WY82718 · 82732
202Y-O Ranch, WY82201
203Yoder, WY82244