Zip Codes in the state of North Dakota

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North Dakota

North Dakota, Peace Garden State, ND; a state of north central United States bordering on Canada

North Dakota is a state located in the Midwestern and Western regions of the United States of America. North Dakota is the 19th largest state by area in the US; it is the 48th most populous, with just over 640,000 residents as of 2006. North Dakota was carved out of the northern half of the Dakota Territory and admitted to the Union as the 39th state on November 2, 1889.

1Abercrombie, ND58001 · 58075
2Adams, ND58210
3Alamo, ND58830
4Alexander, ND58831
5Alice, ND58027 · 58031
6Almont, ND58520
7Alsen, ND58311 · 58338 · 58352
8Ambrose, ND58833
9Amenia, ND58004
10Amidon, ND58620
11Anamoose, ND58710
12Aneta, ND58212
13Antler, ND58711
14Ardoch, ND58261
15Argusville, ND58005
16Arnegard, ND58831 · 58835
17Arthur, ND58006
18Ashley, ND58413
19Auburn, ND58237
20Ayr, ND58007
21Balfour, ND58712
22Balta, ND58368
23Bantry, ND58713
24Barney, ND58008
25Barton, ND58384
26Bathgate, ND58216
27Beach, ND58621
28Belcourt, ND58316
29Belfield, ND58622
30Benedict, ND58716
31Bergen, ND58792
32Berlin, ND58415 · 58458
33Berthold, ND58718
34Beulah, ND58523
35Binford, ND58416
36Bisbee, ND58317
37Bismarck, ND58501 · 58503 · 58504 · 58505
38Blanchard, ND58009
39Bottineau, ND58318
40Bowbells, ND58721
41Bowdon, ND58418
42Bowman, ND58623
43Braddock, ND58524
44Briarwood, ND58104
45Brinsmade, ND58351
46Brocket, ND58321
47Brooktree Park, ND58042
48Buchanan, ND58420
49Bucyrus, ND58639
50Buffalo, ND58011
51Burlington, ND58722
52Butte, ND58723
53Buxton, ND58218
54Caledonia, ND58045 · 58219
55Calio, ND58352
56Calvin, ND58323
57Cando, ND58324
58Cannon Ball, ND58528 · 58538 · 58570
59Canton City, ND58241
60Carpio, ND58725
61Carrington, ND58421
62Carson, ND58529
63Casselton, ND58012
64Cathay, ND58422
65Cavalier, ND58220
66Cayuga, ND58013
67Center, ND58530
68Christine, ND58015
69Churchs Ferry, ND58325
70Cleveland, ND58424
71Clifford, ND58016
72Cogswell, ND58017
73Coleharbor, ND58531
74Colfax, ND58018
75Columbus, ND58727
76Conway, ND58233
77Cooperstown, ND58425
78Courtenay, ND58426
79Crary, ND58327
80Crosby, ND58730
81Crystal, ND58222
82Dahlen, ND58224
83Davenport, ND58021
84Dawson, ND58428
85Dazey, ND58429
86De Lamere, ND58060
87Deering, ND58731
88Denhoff, ND58430
89Des Lacs, ND58733
90Devils Lake, ND58301
91Dickey, ND58431
92Dickinson, ND58601
93Dodge, ND58625
94Donnybrook, ND58734
95Douglas, ND58735
96Drake, ND58736
97Drayton, ND58225
98Driscoll, ND58532
99Dunn Center, ND58626
100Dunseith, ND58329
101Dwight, ND58075
102East Dunseith, ND58329
103East Fairview, ND59221
104Edgeley, ND58433
105Edinburg, ND58227
106Edmore, ND58330
107Egeland, ND58331
108Elgin, ND58533
109Ellendale, ND58436
110Elliott, ND58054
111Embden, ND58079
112Emerado, ND58228
113Enderlin, ND58027
114Englevale, ND58033
115Epping, ND58843
116Erie, ND58029
117Esmond, ND58332
118Fairdale, ND58229
119Fairmount, ND58030
120Fargo, ND58047 · 58078 · 58102 · 58103 · 58104 · 58105
121Fessenden, ND58438
122Fingal, ND58031
123Finley, ND58230
124Flasher, ND58535
125Flaxton, ND58737
126Forbes, ND58439
127Fordville, ND58231
128Forest River, ND58233
129Forman, ND58032
130Fort Ransom, ND58033
131Fort Totten, ND58335 · 58374
132Fort Yates, ND58538
133Fortuna, ND58844
134Four Bears Village, ND58763
135Foxholm, ND58718
136Fredonia, ND58440
137Frontier, ND58104
138Fullerton, ND58441
139Gackle, ND58442
140Galesburg, ND58035
141Gardena, ND58318 · 58748
142Gardner, ND58036
143Garrison, ND58540
144Gascoyne, ND58653
145Gilby, ND58235
146Gladstone, ND58630
147Glen Ullin, ND58631
148Glenburn, ND58740
149Glenfield, ND58443
150Golden Valley, ND58541
151Golva, ND58632
152Goodrich, ND58444
153Grace City, ND58445
154Grafton, ND58237
155Grand Forks, ND58201 · 58202 · 58203
156Grand Forks AFB, ND58204 · 58205
157Grandin, ND58038
158Grano, ND58750
159Granville, ND58741
160Great Bend, ND58075
161Green Acres, ND58316
162Grenora, ND58845
163Gwinner, ND58040 · 58069
164Hague, ND58542
165Halliday, ND58636
166Hamberg, ND58341 · 58438
167Hamilton, ND58238
168Hampden, ND58338
169Hankinson, ND58041
170Hannaford, ND58448
171Hannah, ND58239 · 58281
172Hansboro, ND58339 · 58365
173Harmon, ND58554
174Harvey, ND58341
175Harwood, ND58042
176Hatton, ND58240
177Havana, ND58043
178Haynes, ND58639
179Hazelton, ND58544
180Hazen, ND58545
181Hebron, ND58638
182Heil, ND58533
183Heimdal, ND58341
184Hettinger, ND58639
185Hillsboro, ND58045
186Hoople, ND58243
187Hope, ND58046
188Horace, ND58021 · 58047 · 58078
189Hunter, ND58048
190Hurdsfield, ND58451
191Inkster, ND58244
192Jamestown, ND58401 · 58402 · 58405
193Jessie, ND58452
194Jud, ND58454
195Karlsruhe, ND58744
196Kathryn, ND58049
197Kenmare, ND58746
198Kensal, ND58455
199Kief, ND58712 · 58723 · 58736
200Killdeer, ND58640
201Kindred, ND58051
202Knox, ND58343
203Kramer, ND58748
204Kulm, ND58456
205Lakota, ND58344
206LaMoure, ND58458
207Landa, ND58783
208Langdon, ND58249
209Lankin, ND58250
210Lansford, ND58750
211Larimore, ND58251
212Larson, ND58727
213Lawton, ND58345
214Leal, ND58479
215Leeds, ND58346
216Lehr, ND58460
217Leith, ND58529
218Leonard, ND58052
219Lidgerwood, ND58053
220Lignite, ND58752
221Lincoln, ND58504
222Linton, ND58552
223Lisbon, ND58054
224Litchville, ND58461
225Logan, ND58701
226Loma, ND58249 · 58311
227Loraine, ND58761
228Ludden, ND58474
229Luverne, ND58056
230Maddock, ND58348
231Makoti, ND58756
232Mandan, ND58554
233Mandaree, ND58757
234Manning, ND58642
235Mantador, ND58041 · 58058
236Manvel, ND58256
237Mapleton, ND58059
238Marion, ND58466
239Marmarth, ND58643
240Martin, ND58758
241Max, ND58759
242Maxbass, ND58760
243Mayville, ND58257 · 58274
244McClusky, ND58463
245McHenry, ND58464
246McLeod, ND58057
247McVille, ND58254
248Medina, ND58467
249Medora, ND58645
250Menoken, ND58558
251Mercer, ND58559
252Michigan City, ND58259
253Milnor, ND58060
254Milton, ND58260
255Minnewaukan, ND58351
256Minot, ND58701 · 58702 · 58703 · 58707
257Minot AFB, ND58703 · 58704 · 58705
258Minto, ND58261
259Mohall, ND58761
260Monango, ND58436
261Montpelier, ND58472
262Mooreton, ND58061
263Mott, ND58646
264Mountain, ND58262
265Munich, ND58352
266Mylo, ND58353
267Napoleon, ND58561
268Nash, ND58237
269Neche, ND58265
270Nekoma, ND58355
271New England, ND58647
272New Leipzig, ND58562
273New Rockford, ND58356
274New Salem, ND58563
275New Town, ND58763
276Newburg, ND58762
277Niagara, ND58266
278Nome, ND58062
279Noonan, ND58765
280North River, ND58102
281Northwood, ND58267
282Oakes, ND58474
283Oberon, ND58357
284Oriska, ND58063
285Orrin, ND58368
286Osnabrock, ND58269
287Overly, ND58384
288Oxbow, ND58047
289Page, ND58064
290Palermo, ND58769
291Park River, ND58270
292Parshall, ND58770
293Pekin, ND58361
294Pembina, ND58271
295Perth, ND58363
296Petersburg, ND58272
297Pettibone, ND58475
298Pick City, ND58545
299Pillsbury, ND58046 · 58065
300Pingree, ND58476
301Pisek, ND58273
302Plaza, ND58771
303Porcupine, ND58568
304Portal, ND58737 · 58772
305Portland, ND58257 · 58274
306Powers Lake, ND58773
307Prairie Rose, ND58104
308Raleigh, ND58564
309Ray, ND58849
310Reeder, ND58649
311Regan, ND58477
312Regent, ND58650
313Reile's Acres, ND58102
314Reynolds, ND58275
315Rhame, ND58651
316Richardton, ND58652
317Riverdale, ND58531 · 58565
318Robinson, ND58478
319Rocklake, ND58365
320Rogers, ND58479
321Rolette, ND58366
322Rolla, ND58367
323Ross, ND58776
324Rugby, ND58368
325Ruso, ND58778
326Ruthville, ND58703
327Rutland, ND58067
328Ryder, ND58779
329Sanborn, ND58480
330Sarles, ND58372
331Sawyer, ND58781 · 58790
332Scranton, ND58653
333Selfridge, ND58568
334Selz, ND58341
335Sentinel Butte, ND58654
336Sharon, ND58277
337Sheldon, ND58068
338Shell Valley, ND58316 · 58366
339Sherwood, ND58782
340Sheyenne, ND58374
341Sibley, ND58429
342Solen, ND58570
343Souris, ND58783
344South Heart, ND58601 · 58655
345Spiritwood, ND58481
346Spiritwood Lake, ND58401 · 58426
347Springbrook, ND58843
348St. John, ND58369
349St. Thomas, ND58276
350Stanley, ND58784
351Stanton, ND58571
352Starkweather, ND58377
353Steele, ND58482
354Strasburg, ND58573
355Streeter, ND58483
356Surrey, ND58785
357Sutton, ND58484
358Sykeston, ND58486
359Tappen, ND58487
360Taylor, ND58656
361Thompson, ND58278
362Tioga, ND58852
363Tolley, ND58787
364Tolna, ND58380
365Tower City, ND58071
366Towner, ND58788
367Turtle Lake, ND58575
368Tuttle, ND58488
369Underwood, ND58576
370Upham, ND58789
371Valley City, ND58072
372Velva, ND58790
373Venturia, ND58413
374Verona, ND58490
375Voltaire, ND58792
376Wahpeton, ND58075 · 58076
377Walcott, ND58077
378Wales, ND58281
379Walhalla, ND58282
380Warwick, ND58381
381Washburn, ND58577
382Watford City, ND58854
383West Fargo, ND58078
384Westhope, ND58793
385Wheatland, ND58079
386White Earth, ND58794
387White Shield, ND58540 · 58775
388Wildrose, ND58795
389Williston, ND58801
390Willow City, ND58384
391Wilton, ND58579
392Wimbledon, ND58492
393Wing, ND58494
394Wishek, ND58495
395Wolford, ND58385
396Woodworth, ND58496
397Wyndmere, ND58081
398York, ND58346 · 58386
399Ypsilanti, ND58497
400Zap, ND58580
401Zeeland, ND58581